Why book a session for your team?

Corporate Yoga, meditation or sound healing sessions are classes or workshops that are held in a workplace setting, led by our certified yoga instructor. These sessions are designed to help employees reduce stress, improve flexibility and balance, increase energy, and boost overall well-being. Corporate Yoga, meditation or sound healing can be held during work hours, before or after work, or even during lunch breaks. Many companies offer this as an employee benefit, recognising the positive impact that regular yoga practice can have on employee health and productivity.

Haven Yoga & Meditation offers corporate yoga, meditation and sound healing classes within your workplace. These personalised classes can fit your timetable and work with your team. Individuals can even participate in full work attire if needed.

Benefits of Corporate Sessions

  • Stress reduction: Yoga is known to be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety, which can be beneficial for employees who may be dealing with high levels of stress due to work or other factors.
  • Improved physical health: Yoga can help employees improve their flexibility, balance, and overall physical well-being, which can lead to reduced risk of injury, lower healthcare costs, and improved productivity.
  • Increased focus and concentration: Yoga can help employees to become more focussed and productive by helping them manage distractions more effectively.
  • Increased team unity: Yoga sessions can help employees to build stronger relationships with their colleagues, which can be beneficial for building a positive work culture and fostering a sense of community within the organisation.
  • Cost-effective: Yoga sessions can be done in-house as a cost-effective way to improve employee health and well-being.
  • Employee retention: Companies that invest in employee health and well-being are often able to retain their valued staff more effectively.
  • Employee engagement: Yoga sessions can provide a welcome break from the workday, and help employees stay engaged and motivated throughout the day.
  • Employee morale: Workplace morale can be improved by offering yoga sessions, as it makes employees feel that their well-being is valued by their employer.

Corporate Yoga at Kelvin Grove State College

Jane visited Kelvin Grove State College to lead two one-hour sessions as part of their Wellness Month. The first session was a fully rounded yoga class with a guided relaxation meditation to close. 15 teachers attended with no one wanting to go back to marking papers afterwards. The second session focused completely on meditation, helping to stimulate clarity and a sharpened focus in the workplace.
Jane Toohey teaching a group of employee at Kelvin Grove doing corporate yoga - Haven Yoga and Meditation
A group of employee at Kelvin Grove doing corporate yoga - Haven Yoga and Meditation

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