Corporate Yoga Sessions in your Workplace

We understand that the corporate environment operates at a rapid pace and can often foster a workplace of high stress where individuals find it hard to switch off. It is consequently highly important to incorporate practices that allow these individuals to take time to recharge and learn how to relax and quieten the mind.

Haven Yoga & Meditation offers corporate yoga and meditation classes within your workplace. These personalized classes can fit your timetable and work with your team. Individuals can even participate in full work attire.

The Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Busy Individuals

  • Stimulates clarity and sharpened focus in the workplace
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves overall mood
  • The concentration on corporate yoga and meditation reduces the individual’s emphasis on what is currently causing stress and negatively impacting their mood, encouraging better decisions and team work
  • Increase productivity and performance in your workplace!

Meditation exercises infused with some physical posture correction and breathing techniques can move the individual to a place of stillness. Individuals may be currently finding it very hard to achieve this in day to day practice. Stillness promotes awareness of our body, mind, and spirit and the ability to become less reactive and calmer in one’s responses and actions.

Corporate Yoga and Meditation will teach the individual to relax, re-energies and simply release.

Haven Yoga Can Conduct Yoga & Meditation Sessions from:

Your Office

Retreats / Conferences

Private sessions at home

Childcare Centers