Complete Our 6 Week Fundamentals of Yoga Course

Yoga is for everyone! At Haven Yoga, we offer a beginner’s yoga course that includes 6 yoga classes spread over 6 weeks. Each session has a specific focus that will help you to awaken your inner joy and bring strength, health and resilience to your body, mind and soul. This course is taught by our experienced teacher with decades’ experience, Jane Toohey. We believe yoga, meditation and mindfulness is for everyone, and welcome anyone to sign up for this course!

You will also learn the theory behind the practices and poses so you will gain an understanding of the principles and philosophies of yoga. Throughout the six week course, you will also receive personalised guidance and mentoring. The group sessions also allow for a community to form as the spiritual support from others develops connections from a shared space of peace.

  • Saturday 15th January 2022 Session 1: What is Yoga?
  • Saturday 22nd January 2022 Session 2: Basic Poses and Their Benefits
  • Saturday 29th January 2022 Session 3: Simple Flow Class with Relaxation
  • Saturday 5th February 2022 Session 4: Advanced Poses and Their Benefits
  • Saturday 12th February 2022 Session 5: Building Strength, Flexibility and Deeper Meditation
  • Saturday 19th February 2022 Session 6: Developing Your Home Practice

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What Are The Benefits?

Yoga has been scientifically proven to not only significantly reduce stress in the body but also radiate a range of positive effects on the physical and psychological aspects of our whole being. Yoga enables the body to rewire the brain in a manner that prepares the mind and body to withstand stressors while maintaining a calm and peaceful state. From a purely physical perspective, yoga significantly increases flexibility, overall muscle strength, balance and helps relieve health-related joint pain such as arthritis.  

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