About Goddess Circles

The circle is the oldest form of social interaction. It is described as a group of women who gather cross-legged on cushions and then proceed to pass around “a beechwood talking stick decorated with feathers and charms.” It’s a way for women to get in touch with their feminine energy and bond with each other. It’s also said to promote spiritual growth. Basically, this is a space where women get to connect with each other and share their intentions and goals in a safe space. For a long time, hierarchical structures replaced circular structures as the dominant leadership model for groups, as they were seen as the most efficient.


However, in today’s world, circles are being re-discovered as the model that provides full participation and shared leadership, encourages creativity, demonstrates cooperation instead of competition and dominance, implements power-with instead of power-over, and reveals new solutions to old problems. Everyone is equally valued and equally shared. It is a spirit-filled time and place where collective creativity and wisdom is unleashed and nurtured. It is a place where there is “relationships of reverence” that brings healing and empowerment.


Goddess circles are fun, giving each participant the courage and power to become themselves fully and make a positive difference in the world!

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