Retreats Realign Us With our Deepest Values

It is essential sometimes to go “on retreat”, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop completely and just be; to look at your life, how you have been doing things and see things objectively, perhaps differently.

Without this separation, we can unfortunately just keep on ‘repeating’, like machines. Retreats are like letting fresh air into your mind. By removing ourselves from our familiar surroundings and busy schedules, retreats afford us the opportunity to see accumulated habits of distraction and begin to soften them. Then, in removing everything we do that is not supportive of living our best life, doing retreats realign us with our deepest values, helping us discover ways to upgrade how we live our lives on a daily basis.

Many of our unskilful choices stem from unconscious patterns of unaware living, shielding us from the inherent simple joy in ordinary moments. On retreats, we often uncover not only what habits are destructive but learn how to work skillfully with them.

See our latest retreat here: Mt Burrell Wellness Retreat.

Getting Away From It All

Mindfulness & Meditation retreats also encourage us to tune into our intuition, to attend to that which is pulsing softly within us, under all the noise or numbness. Taoists call it the tranquillity at the centre of all storms—the Tao, what Hindus say the Self or Brahman, and what Buddhists refer to as our Buddha nature, while others say inner spirit or God. Skilful dedication to a yogic path of awareness uncovers this intrinsic inner dimension, teaching us about the suffering inherent in our perceived (not actual) disconnection from wholeness. In inner silence and increased stillness, we often glimpse and learn to sustain a truth larger than our self-definitions allow.

The Yogic path is a gradual process involving self-investigation and daily practice. This helps us become aware of the habits which perpetuate our inner rigidity or chaos, while the long periods spent on retreat, which emphasises meditation, loving-kindness, and continual mindfulness teach us how to sustain a simple and kind presence. Mindfulness & meditation retreats offer us a chance to reset, to see things differently, and go back to our daily lives rejuvenated and in many ways, stronger.

In 2022 we offer some different opportunities to be “on retreat”.

  • Sacred Circle Retreats
  • Young Men’s Retreats
  • Yoga and Meditation Practice Retreats.

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