Friday 30th October 2020

After arriving and setting up in preparation for the weekend ahead, we held our opening ceremony at 2pm, setting our intention for the retreat, such that everyone leaves on Sunday having taken one step forward in their personal transformation journey. After this, we embarked on a gentle walk across the beautiful property, collecting all types of natural elements for our spirit boat making session planned for Saturday. Following this was a relaxing yoga session with our teacher, Jane. After our slow flow yoga, we spent the afternoon with Tania, making paper boats. Each paper boat represented what we wanted to leave behind, those things that no longer serve us. Our evening ended with a shared meal at the farmhouse, everyone brought along something to share. We sat around the fire, telling stories underneath the beautiful, full moon.

Saturday 31st October 2020

At 6am on Saturday, we held a sunrise yoga session, followed by a shared meal at 8am. Each meal was a community-based event where everyone contributed elements to the meal. It brought everyone together, with the opportunity to share experiences. Later in the morning was our 10am spirit boat making workshop with Tania. This session was about building your boat for the future and focusing on what you would like to keep onboard. It was wonderful to immerse yourself with nature and work with your hands, letting your mind relax and getting in touch with our feelings. Before lunch we held a late-morning meditation session, including an amazing sound healing session with the Crystal Bowls.

Following lunch at midday was our 2pm intuition exercise facilitated by Rejele. This was a great session, allowing everyone to connect with their own intuition and tune into their hearts. This session included learning how to use different types of cards. At 4pm, Jane held a yin yoga and meditation session before it was time to unwind from our day. We ended the night with another shared meal and a moonlight party atop the campsite hill.

Sunday 1st November 2020

Before breakfast at 8am, we met with Jane for a morning session of slow flow yoga to prepare for the day. After this and a shared breakfast meal before our walk in the rainforest. We travelled to the rainforest in cars and farm buggies, conserving our energy for the magnificence of the forest. It was beautiful to see such vibrant colours whilst walking through the rainforest. Some chose to walk back to the farm house, whilst others got a lift back and visited the cows along the way. Our weekend retreat came to a close with the fire boat ceremony held at midday where we burnt the paper boats, we created on Friday to symbolise letting go of all that we did not want to hold onto. Our closing ceremony united us all in a bond never to be broken, always in our hearts.

Thank you again to everyone who joined us on our first Mt Burrell Wellness Retreat.

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