Our Yoga Teachers


Jane Toohey is a Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, Therapeutic, Kids and Family trained Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner.

Jane has been dedicated to her own practice of holistic yoga for the last 20 years. She is passionate about our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves through the regular practice of yoga and meditation. Studying the effect of mediation and mindfulness on the mind-body connection has not only provided a firm foundation for her classes but has opened a whole world of opportunities for growth and development.

Jane teaches yoga and meditation in a corporate environment to business leaders here in Brisbane. Her classes can be taught on-premise or in a one-on-one environment. She guides people through meditative practices to improve concentration, memory retention and stress management. Her yoga sequences focus on deep relaxation and stretching, through to a more dynamic vinyasa flow, connecting mind and body, linking breath with movement. The aim is to have people feel fully alive, with moments of stillness, connection and peace, feeling more able to cope with the ups and downs of everyday business life.

Regular meditation and yoga can have a profound impact on your business overall. Staff often feel more grounded and energised after sessions, setting stronger intentions for their days, becoming more productive and overall, more satisfied in their jobs.

Taking just 15 minutes each day to focus on one’s mind and body, through gentle movement and mindful breathing, helps relieve stress, improve body strength, increase blood flow, improve posture and fundamentally improve the overall immune system.

“I believe meditation and yoga will have an increasingly important part to play in the life of everyday Australians and can transform our quality of life, having an impact on our relationships with others.”

Jane Toohey

Linda Barry - Haven Yoga and Meditation Our Teachers


Linda Barry has been practising yoga for 35 years, ever since she signed up for a community class with the YWCA in her 20s. Like any long relationship, there have been times of intense love, commitment and growth and times where the rest of life just got in the way. Yoga has stayed with her and provided a space to process life’s lessons. A message from Linda:

“Yoga has been the vehicle in which to come to know and care for my body, mind and spirit. It has been there when life got tough and provided a haven, guidance, acceptance and gratitude for “what is…” It is this deep sense of gratitude that leads me to teach. Having learned and practised various yoga styles from Iyengar to Ashtanga, dynamic vinyasa style is what I now mostly practice and teach.
This has a focus on developing breath awareness (Pranayama), postural alignment (Hatha) and mindful flowing asana (Vinyasa). I wish for my classes to be accessible to anyone no matter age or ability – to include a focus on breath, awareness of the body, mindful movement and meditation. This combination of movement and awareness of breath provides a quiet and reflective space for you to listen to and learn about your body and your mind and support your own spiritual growth.
Would love for you to join me on the mat!”


Marjorie Gardiner is a certified Kids Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher & Yoga Teacher.

The classes that she teaches are a blend of story-telling, creative movement, yoga poses, calm breathing and relaxation techniques.

It is her aim to work closely with parents, centres and educators to bring out the best in children. Nurturing their innate wisdom and teaching them to recognise their own feelings and emotions within their bodies. She will support emotional regulation through a genuine secure attachment.