One-on-one Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are a great way to enjoy yoga practices that cater to your needs. At Haven Yoga, you can individualize your experience with one on one private session, either therapeutic yoga session or basic private yoga session. A private class will help you unearth points of improvement and acquire correct techniques at your own pace.

Basic Private Yoga Session

The very first stepping stone is important. So, if you are new to yoga and want to learn the fundamentals of yoga, or are serious about taking your practice to a new level, a basic private yoga class is something you should consider. We offer individual attention, continual adjustments, and body alignment corrections to suit your individual needs.

Active girl sitting on mat while her instructor helping her to make stretching

Therapeutic Yoga Session

A personalized therapeutic yoga employs various yoga practices to try to improve a health condition or to ease a natural process, such as pregnancy or menopause. Therapeutic yoga simultaneously works on the body, mind, and spirit.

Haven Yoga’s therapeutic yoga session starts with two initial visits. In the first visit, you will be required to answer some of the health-related questions. How smart is the brain in your gut? How easy will it be for you to reverse the dysfunction and start healing? It’s time for you to find that out through our questionnaires and a Gut IQ quiz.

Your score will translate into a minimum number of weeks that you should spend at each of the four Prime stages. If you have a smarter gut, you can move through the program quickly but don’t be disheartened if you have a “dumber” gut. You will be much better served by moving through the program more slowly to maximise the effectiveness of every stage.

After two weeks of designing an individual plan, in the second visit, we will walk through the plan with you and start demonstrating the asanas (physical postures), breathing exercised, and meditation.



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