Chakra Pack

$190.00 inc. GST

Handcrafted Full Chakra Set

Contains Seven Crystals, Sprays and Candles



This handcrafted full chakra pack contains the seven crystals that are associated with balancing our seven chakras, with the addition of their accompanying sprays and candles. This pack was crafted with the idea in mind that we might not always require to balance the same chakra each day and look to work with our intuitive feelings and emotions. Through our chakras, we can transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy that we require for our day ahead. Use this chakra pack as you require on your spiritual day-to-day journey, allowing you to select and use the appropriate chakra sprays, crystals and candles to centre yourself and balance out your energies for your day ahead.  

The Chakra’s included: 

  1. Crown Chakra: associated with metaphysical and spiritual connectivity 
  2. Heart Chakra: associated with love, truth and compassion 
  3. Root Chakra: associated with solidity, survival and grounding 
  4. Sacral Chakra: associated with creativity and emotional balance 
  5. Solar plexus: associated with confidence and self-worth 
  6. Throat Chakra: associated with communication, speaking and listening  
  7. Third Eye Chakra: associated with intuition and physic gifts 


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