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Restorative yoga bridges the gap between yoga and meditation and is an evidence-based practice that provides whole-body rejuvenation and restoration. It involves the centring of your breath and body, aligning the physical and mental by practising stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time.


In restorative yoga, many props are used to completely support the body comfortably. When the physical body is completely supported, the entire self can relax and let go. When the body can relax and let go, so can the mind. When you feel physically supported, you also can feel emotionally supported. It is not uncommon for students to have emotional releases, like crying or even laughing, during restorative yoga poses.


This is something that often occurs during the final savasana in any yoga class, which is the basic relaxation pose in restorative yoga. If you have just fifteen minutes a day to practice restorative yoga, make it a supported savasana. This simple practice can create the supported space necessary for you to relax and release.

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10 Benefits of Restorative Yoga for Anxiety

  • Decreases heart rate
  • Lessens fatigue
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Creates conscious and intentional relaxation
  • Cultivates a sense of safety
  • Releases physical tension (muscles relax)
  • Allows for deeper internal reflections
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Restores bodily systems to optimal functioning (ie. immunity, digestion, circulation)
  • Disrupts the negative feedback loop (ie. pain, worry)
  • Poses to allow for all stages of pregnancy.

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