Haven Yoga creates handmade wellness products using essential oils and crystals to help you connect with your inner self. With a large range of products, each oil and crystal has a specific purpose and spiritual benefit. Whatever your current mindset, stage of life, or spirituality, we have a product that you will love. We also have vouchers available for purchase for our numerous wellness events.

Chakra Candles

Our handmade, crystal infused Chakra Candles range in purposes and associations but all share the common goal of promoting a more well-balanced, connected, and spiritual you. No matter your current mindset, these candles will help you heal in whatever way you desire.

Chakra Sprays

Haven Yoga’s range of Chakra Sprays are crystal infused and contain essential oils to promote various positive mindsets and spiritual energies. They can be sprayed around a room, or in the direction of the chakra itself depending on the spray that appeals to you most.

Chakra Sets

The Chakra Candle and Spray sets are used for balancing the seven chakras, helping to connect to their spiritual energy and the universal source. You can use the candle and spray separately or together harmoniously. There are 7 sets matched to the 7 chakras.

Goddess Sets

The Goddess Candle and Spay Sets include a crystal infused candle and essential oils spray. Each set and its specific scents and crystals reflect the traits of a different Goddess. They appeal to a range of mental and emotional needs.


We offer vouchers for our wellness events and yoga and meditation sessions. These can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for a friend. Our vouchers include personal yoga sessions, reiki sessions, full moon events, yoga and singing bowls and day retreats.

Goddess Circle

This is a space where women get to connect and share their intentions and goals in a safe space. Goddess circles are fun, giving each participant the courage and power to become themselves fully and make a positive difference in the world.