Why Do Yoga?

Yoga has been scientifically proven to not only significantly reduce stress in the body but also radiate a range of positive effects on the physical and psychological aspects of our whole being. Yoga enables the body to rewire the brain in a manner that prepares the mind and body to withstand stressors while maintaining a calm and peaceful state. From a purely physical perspective, yoga significantly increases flexibility, overall muscle strength, balance and helps relieve health-related joint pain such as arthritis.  

The best way to see improvements in your mental and physical health is through incorporating yoga into your everyday routine. Daily yoga classes are best but with just 2 to 3 classes a week, you will start to see improvements in a matter of weeks. As a beginner yogi, it’s important to become comfortable with the idea of doing yoga or attending a studio. Haven Yoga and Meditation provides a calm and relaxing environment, with classes that are easily adapted to your level of experience. We teach vinyasa flow, slow flow, yin and restorative yoga.

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Kundalini Inspired Yoga

Kundalini being one of the most ancient and sacred forms of yoga incorporates different movements, breathing patterns, postures and postural locks to awaken and embrace the deep and powerful energies stored within the body. Kundalini combines the aspects of Bhakti, Raja and Shakti yoga to embrace chanting, achieve mental and physical control and gently move the energy balancing the chakras. Kundalini uses a variety of postures, meditation and breathing techniques to help realise the full potential of our inner energy by pulling it up from the base of the spine and through to the top of the crown.  

Yoga in Preparation for Meditation

Yoga teaches the key technique of managing your breathing and using it to heal your own body. The practice of yoga prepares the body for deep relaxation and catching breath to movement, helps us to quieten the mind.  We teach a variety of meditation techniques and introduce some of these in the yoga classes. Yoga and meditation together, help you prepare to be more mindful and to live gently in the present moment. Check our Yoga Therapy for Mental Health here.

Private Yoga Sessions

Haven Yoga and Meditation offers Private Yoga Sessions from basic training in the initial postures or asanas to more advanced yoga coaching for the more experienced yogis. If you are passionate to learn and improve your yoga skills, our private yoga classes will enable you to improve and correct your techniques at your own pace. Private classes enable our beginning yogis to become comfortable with the whole aspect of yoga and teach the fundamentals of the practice. They can also be useful to focus on a particular part of the practice or even how best to cope with an injury.

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Wanting to elevate your yoga practices?

Practising yoga helps to reduce stress, build strength and flexibility, improve posture, and even help you sleep better. Book a session with our expert teacher Jane Toohey, or Contact Haven Yoga & Meditation today!