We can organise Mindful Yoga Classes for mothers. Give yourself the gift of mind body spirit alignment. Timeout for you, time to focus entirely on your needs. See how yoga can support your role as a mother.

This yoga practice is approached as a continual moving meditation. The yogic breathing is used as a foundation for centering the mind in the body and the present moment. The gentle, invigorating class focuses on the foundational classical yoga postures – including correct alignment, yoga breathing techniques, mindfulness & relaxation and completing with a beautiful meditation practice.

The Benefits of Yoga for Mothers

This class is suitable for and accommodates:

  • All body types.
  • Poses to allow for all stages of pregnancy.

The classes have a strong mindfulness focus, so if you’ve been keen to learn more about mindfulness and meditation and experience its benefits, as well as the benefits of regular yoga practice – this class is for you.

We combine our knowledge of yoga, meditation, reiki and the chakra system, to ensure you experience a balancing of your own energy, feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace family life to its fullest.

Haven Yoga Can Conduct Meditation Sessions from:

Your Office

Retreats / Conferences

Private sessions at home

Childcare Centers