At Haven Yoga, we offer a meditation course that includes 6 meditation classes spread over 6 weeks. Each session has a specific focus that improves the wellness of your mind, body and spirit. At an hour-long, the 10-person, weekly classes allow for one-on-one coaching and are designed for people of all abilities. The group sessions allow a community to form as the spiritual support from others develops connections from a shared space of peace.

The uniquely ‘Haven Yoga’ course has been crafted by our level-two certified meditation teacher and reiki practitioner, Jane Toohey. You will receive guidance and support throughout the course from an experienced teacher who is passionate about our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves through yoga and meditation. Our new studio has a newly built deck under the moonlight which creates a beautiful environment for calm meditation sessions.

  • Session 1: Introduction to meditation
  • Session 2: Dealing with stress
  • Session 3: Mindfulness, staying conscious in the present moment
  • Session 4: Compassion based meditation
  • Session 5: Kundalini and meditation
  • Session 6: Meditation every day

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are endless and this course provides participants with the tools to increase their sense of self-worth and internal peace. As well as improving the connection of the body and mind, the sessions focus on developing a deep understanding of compassion and an ability to be present in our busy lives. By engaging in meditation that increases focus, productivity and general health & wellbeing you will see a change in your culture, relationships and overall sense of peace in everyday life.

Interested in unlocking deeper meaning and purpose in your life?

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